Providing unbiased casino reviews to give you the best and most trustworthy information is our main focus here at Gambling4you. We want to help you to find the best online casino for you. Therefore, we developed a comprehensive set of criteria. In this post we will go through our 30-Step Review Process so that you can understand how we rate online casinos.

Brief overview and basics of our review process

First let’s start with some basics. We focus on 6 key areas when rating casinos, where casinos can reach up to 5 points in each of those areas. The 6 key areas are:

  • Payment Methods (1)
  • Bonus & Offers (2)
  • Website & Layout (1)
  • Support & Customer Care (2)
  • Games & Software (2)
  • Security & Fairness (3)

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by Gambling4you

Each of these 6 key areas is assigned a weighting between 1 and 3, represented by the number in the brackets. As you can see, our main focus lies on security and fairness, as we consider these factors the most important.

After we have evaluated each of those areas, we determine the overall rating. First, we multiply the reached points of each area with its weight. Then we sum the results and divide it by 11 (the sum of all weights: 1+2+1+2+2+3 = 11). The resulting number then represents the overall rating of the casino.

Before we go into more detail, let’s look at an example to make this a little bit clearer:

Casino XY has reached the following scores:

  • Payment Methods: 3.98
  • Bonus & Offers: 4.21
  • Website & Layout: 4.5
  • Support & Customer Care: 4.0
  • Games & Software: 3.77
  • Security & Fairness: 3.85

Now we multiply everything by its weight and sum up the results: 3.98x1 + 4.21x2 + 4.5x1 + 4.0x2 + 3.77x2 + 3*3 = 41.44

To get the final rating we now divide it by 11: 41.11/11 = 3.77.

Our 30-Step Review Process in detail

We have already covered the basics of our review program where you could see at which main areas we look and where our focus lies. To determine the points in each of the key criteria we have defined several factors for each of them. Let’s take a closer look at each of our 6 main criteria.

Payment Methods

Of course, it is important to be able to withdraw winnings quick and safely. In order to rate the performance of a casino regarding payment methods we regard the following factors:


Number of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Here we look at the different deposit and withdrawal methods that are offered by the casinos. To make it easy for players to deposit they should provide a variety of different options so that there is something available for everyone.


Transaction Fees

After looking at the different methods available we inform ourselves about transaction fees. Are there any? Are there transaction fees for every method or only for some?


Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

Next, we look at the limits applied. How much can be deposited per transaction? How much money can someone withdraw within a day/week/month? We also check if there are higher withdrawal limits of VIP players but we only consider the normal withdrawal limits in the rating, as not everyone will be a VIP player.


Average Withdrawal Time

It is important that we receive our money after winning, but it is also important how long it takes. After we won, we do not want to wait 2 weeks to receive our money. Therefore, we also look at the average withdrawal time across all payment options. Of course, withdrawing via E-Wallets will be faster than a bank transfer.

Bonus & Offers

Everyone loves bonuses. They give your bankroll an extra boost. But not every offer is as good as it seems on the first impression. We review the promotions offered by a casino as well as their terms and conditions carefully to make sure you are well informed.


No Deposit Bonus

Looking at the promotions a casino offers we start by search for a no deposit bonus. It plays just a small part in the overall criteria but it is really nice to get something just for registering.


Welcome Bonus

A really important factor is the welcome bonus in form of a deposit bonus. A good welcome offer, can’t be missing if the casino want to receive a good rating.


Additional Bonuses

But not only the welcome promotions are important. It is also important that there are several additional promotions available for the already registered customers.


Loyalty & Vip Program

Besides the general offers also a loyalty program to reward loyal player and/or a VIP program is important to show loyal customers that they are valued.


Bonus Terms and Conditions

One of the most important factors concerning bonuses and offers are the terms and conditions. Please inform yourself about all bonus terms before taking the bonus, as there are huge differences between online casinos. Some of the factors we consider here are: Playthrough (Wagering requirements), Time Period, and maximum cashout.

Website & Layout

A pretty website alone is not everything. It is important that the website of an online casino is well structured and easy to use, so that you can find everything you are looking for. Additionally also the speed and mobile optimization plays an important role today.


Website Speed

Does the website perform at an adequate speed or do you have to wait a long time before games or certain parts of the website are loading?


Layout and User Friendliness

It is important that the website has good structure. It should be easy to find what you are looking for.


Mobile Optimization

Nowadays every website should be mobile optimized. Everyone should be able to play on their smartphone or tablet whenever they want. Therefore, we check if the casino’s website is mobile optimized and if there are flaws or not.

Support & Customer Care

Everyone needs help sometimes. Therefore, online casinos offer a customer support. We check which ways there are to communicate with the online casino and if they also take action regarding responsible gambling.


Email Support

Some players prefer to discuss important factors via email as they are sometimes more complex and it exceeds the knowledge of the 1st level support (Live Chat).


Live Chat

A 24/7 Live Chat which can really help is nowadays a must have. Before rating a casino, we always test the live chat to see what they are capable of, get a feeling for their response time, and to find out if they are available 24/7 or just during certain time periods.


Phone Support

Even if phone support isn’t used as often as it used to be, we consider it really important that one is available. Some matters are too complex to be discussed via Email or Live Chat and are handled faster using the phone support.


Gambling Addiction Precautions

One of the most important factors concerning customer care is the availability of gambling addiction precautions. There should not only be an info page about responsible gambling and problem gambling but also some precautions that can easily be taken by players. Some examples are: deposit limits, loss limits, and time limits.

Games & Software

The hear of every casino are its games and the software used. It is important that casinos offer a great game selection of top gaming providers to keep it interesting for you.


Variety of Games

When it comes to games, a wide variety is key. Casinos should offer many different games such as slots, table games, bingo, keno and live casino games. There should be something available for every mood.



We also check if the most important types of games are offered. And how many games are offered for this particular type.


Table Games

We check if table games are offered, how many games are offered and which types are offered. It is important that there is a big selection of different games.


Live Casino Games

Live Casino Games is an important type of casino game which should be offered in every great online casino. Therefore, we deduct points if this is not the case.


Jackpot Games

Besides, Slots, Table Games and Live Casino Games, also a good selection of Jackpot Games is important.


Number of Games

It is not only important how many different types of games are offered but also how many games are offered in total.


Gaming Provider

One of the most important factors regarding casinos is the software they use. Great online casinos will offer games from top software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming or 1X2 Gaming. Top gaming providers offer a high-quality gaming experience with impressive graphics and great features. And of course, there should also be an adequate selection of gaming providers.


Play for Free Option

The play for free options is a must have in our eyes. They give you the chance to test new games, practice your strategy and have fun without risking money.

Security & Fairness

Last but not least we evaluate the online casinos in terms of security and fairness. In our opinion this is the most important factor at all as we all want to be sure that our personal data and funds are in safe hands and will be returned to us once we ask for it. To ensure that casinos are secure and fair, we check for the following:


SSL Encryption

When evaluating the security of a casino we first look for a valid SSL encryption certificate. This ensures that any data being exchanged between you and the casino is encrypted and therefore not a risk of being stolen.



There are many different licenses available, which differ greatly from each other. The possession of a valid license from a legitimate licensing body is a crucial factor in terms of players safety. There are some licenses which are more trusted that others as they take more actions regarding a player’s security. Some of the most trusted authorities are the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority.


Revenue Size

We try to find out how large the casino is in terms of revenue as this plays an important role for paying large wins. Casinos with a large revenue won’t have troubles paying you big wins.


Casino Age

In terms of security also the casinos age plays an important role. Casinos which have been launched years ago are less likely to go bankrupt.



Additionally, to all those factors described before we also look at the number of complaints a casino has. We do not only consider the direct complaints, but also the number of complaints from related casinos.


Independently regulated

In order to ensure fairness, a casino should be regulated by a reputable independent authority such as eCOGRA. This ensures that there is a good overall RTP of all casino games available at the online casino in question. Of course, casinos that are regulated by such authorities as eCOGRA are not the only fair casinos, but it is definitely a plus if they are.

To keep our information up to date, we aim to periodically check if there has something changed and adapt our rating accordingly. Of course, we can’t do that daily or weekly, as this takes a lot of time and effort. However, that is not the only way we update casinos. From some casinos we also get monthly updates of what has changed which we incorporate on our website and review as soon as we get the information and confirmed it's truth.

If you found any mistake or information that is not true anymore, please let us know at You would help us making Gambling4you better.

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