Roulette is one of the most exciting and entertaining casino games. Nonetheless, it is relatively simple and easy to understand. Unfortunately, it has also some of the worst odds for players. Although much of the game is left up to luck, there are some things you can do to increase your pay-out. There are several well-known roulette strategies including the Martingale System, the Fibonacci Strategy and the James Bond Strategy. Each of these strategies has its merits, but none of them guarantees to make you win money. Truth be told, all of them will lose you money in the long run. So make sure you know when to quit. Before you carry on with this post, make sure you know how to play roulette.

Best-Known Roulette Strategies

Martingale Roulette Strategy

The martingale betting system is one of the most popular and simplest betting strategies. The rules are simple: each time you lose a bet, you double your next bet. Using this system, you place your bets on even/odd, black/red or high/low. If you lose your bet, stick with your previous choice (e.g. black) and double your betting size. The idea behind that strategy is, that you will win eventually. By doing so, you are guaranteed to break even by just winning one bet.

As your betting size increase exponential, you need to make sure to play on a table where the minimum stake is as low as possible and the maximum bet is high enough to apply this strategy.  Be careful though and don’t underestimate how quickly your betting sizes will increase. Here is an example of what happens if you lose 10 bets in a row with a starting bet of € 2:

  • 1 – betting size: € 2
  • 2 – betting size: € 4
  • 3 – betting size: € 8
  • 4 – betting size: € 16
  • 5 – betting size: € 32
  • 6 – betting size: € 64
  • 7 – betting size: € 128
  • 8 – betting size: € 256
  • 9 – betting size: € 512
  • 10 – betting size: € 1,024

So at the 10th bet you would already bet with € 1,024. If you lose this bet, you would have lost € 2,046 in total. If you win this bet, you would break even. If you won the bet, use the minimum bet size for your next bet.

Keep in mind that although losing 10 times in a row seems rather rare, it happens more often than expected. Just because one color has won several times in a row doesn’t increase the probability of the other color to appear next.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy is based on the Fibonacci sequence discovered by the famous Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, also known as Fibonacci. The sequence is characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two previous ones. The Fibonacci sequence looks lit this: 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 and so on. The advantage of using this strategy is that you can make a profit even if you lose more games than you win.

To Implement this strategy you need to place your bet on black/red, even/odd, or high/low. If you lose, increase your bet by going down the sequence. For example, if you started with a bet of € 1 and you lost, bet another € 1. If you then lose again, bet € 2. If you win, move back two numbers in the sequence and bet the respective amount.

Here is an example of how the Fibonacci strategy is used:

  • Bet black, € 1 – lose
  • Bet black, € 1 – lose
  • Bet black, € 2 – lose
  • Bet black, € 3 – lose
  • Bet black, € 5 – win
  • Bet black, € 2 – lose
  • Bet black, € 3 – win
  • Bet black, € 1 – lose
  • Bet black, € 2 – win
  • Bet black, € 1 – win

This would result in a total of -1 -1 -2 -3 +5 -2 +3 -1 +2 +1 = +1. Even though you lost 6 bets and won only 4, you still made profit.

Although this strategy is less risky than the martingale system, if you are on a losing streak you lose a lot of money really fast, as the numbers increase rapidly.

James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James Bond strategy is one of the most preferred roulette strategies by beginners, as you have a 2/3 chance of winning. This strategy was developed by Ian Fleming, the famous author of the James Bond series. He claimed that his “foolproof” system could win you the “price of a good dinner” if you use it every night. For using this strategy, you need at least € 200.

To follow the James Bond strategy, you make a so-called column bet. First, place € 140 on the numbers 19-36. Then place € 50 on the numbers 13-18. Finally place € 10 on 0 for insurance. Placing your bets in this manner gives you a 2/3 chance of winning the bet. However, the 1/3 losing chance can exceed the maximum table bets quickly. Therefore, this strategy works best, if you don’t plan on spending a long period of time at the roulette table.

If luck isn’t on your side, and any number between 1 and 12 shows up, you have lost € 200 and should employ the martingale strategy that we explained above. If you have won on the other hand, you have earned a decent profit. If 19-36 pockets, you earned € 80. If 13-18 pockets, you earned € 100. And if 0 shows up, you earned € 160.

In conclusion, this strategy has a high risk associated with it as there is a 1/3 chance that a number between 1 and 12 is showing up. If you win, you make a decent profit, but if you lose, you lost already € 200 at your first bet and your betting size grows exponentially.

Summed up one can say that all of these roulette strategies can only help you to make the most of your play but won’t guarantee you to win. Roulette is a game where the chances of winning are rather low compared to other casino games. Each spin is independent from the previous one and therefore this game should be played to have fun and get that extra thrill.

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