As there are a lot of common misconceptions about the online gambling industry. We decided to cover another 6 common myths in this article. If you didn’t read the first part by now, just hop over to the article Most Common Online Gambling Myths: Part 1 and read it.

But now let’s start and discuss another 6 myths to see what is really true.

You win more often when playing in demo mode

This is a widely believed myth throughout the industry. We are sure that everyone had that feeling at some point. While testing a new game it paid frequently and lots of special features where triggered. Suddenly, when playing with real-money no more features are triggered and you lose all the time.

As a matter of fact, software providers do not develop different versions of the same game. And also the random number generator is the same. No gambling provider would risk losing their good reputation and trust. Cause if you lose a player’s trust, you might never get it back.

But why does it feel like we win more often when playing in demo mode? The reason is that we do not pay as much attention to losses when we play in demo mode. When playing with real money losing hurts and you notice each loss decreasing your bank roll. Moreover, we sometimes risk more and use a more aggressive strategy when playing with demo money compared to playing with our own hard earned money. So no, demo games are not designed to lure us in and let us win more often compared to the real-money games. In fact, it is exactly the same game.

The games will freeze if you are winning too much

Unless there is a software or hardware malfunction, games won’t freeze when you manage to win big. This is just another myth about the industry. If a game freezes while you play it mostly is caused by connection problems between the casino’s servers and your device, generally caused by a bad internet connection.

However, leaving that aside it would make no sense for the casino to set its system to freeze as they want you to keep playing. The more and longer you play, the odds favor the casino. As in the long run, the house always wins. Therefore, it would be highly unlikely that this happens as the casino wouldn’t want to self-sabotage itself.

Card Counting is illegal

Despite what you may think, this is completely wrong. Counting cards, which is mostly done when playing Blackjack, is completely legal, but casinos are not fond of it. If you get caught in a land-based casino, the casino may kick you out and ban you for life, but you did nothing illegal.

When it comes to online casinos it is legal as well, but it is impossible to do. In online casinos all decks in a Blackjack shoe are shuffled before every hand. This means, that every hand played is basically the first hand of the dealer’s shoe. Thus, making it impossible.

There are hot and cold slots

Another common myth is that there are so-called hot and cold slots. Games that have just paid a big amount of money should not be played, while Slots which didn’t pay for quite some time are hot and should be played if you want to win. That’s completely wrong.

Slots use random number generators which make them random and impossible to predict what symbols will land next on the reels. Every spin is completely random and does not take into account what happened recently. This means you can win big even if there was just a big payout, or you can keep losing even if you didn’t win for quite some time.

Increasing the bet size will increase your winning chances

Increasing the bet size in order to increase your winning chances is one of the most common myths we have come across. Online casino games are games of chance, meaning every spin, roll of dice or card dealt is completely random. If this would be true, players who bet less would have a disadvantage which we know is not the case. Online casino games are tested and audited by third-party companies in order to ensure their fairness.

However, you may try it yourself but it won’t result in the desired outcome. Even if it did, it would have nothing do to with you changing the bet size. It would be completely random.

Keeping track of past results will help you win

Believing that previous events can somehow affect the future events is another misconception about online gambling. Many people assume that they can easily predict what is going to happen next by keeping track of the past results. But as already stated, every roll of the dice, every spin in roulette and every shuffle of the deck is a random and independent event. Just because 40 of the last 50 roulette numbers where red, does not mean the majority of the next 50 numbers will be black. The actual odds, of both events happening around 50% of the time, only become statistically significant in the long run, which goes far beyond the time you can spend playing.

With this second part of online gambling myths, we hope we could clarify the most common misconceptions. However, if there is still something you are concerned about and you didn’t see covered here or in any other of our guides, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you clarify that matter.

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